Anye began as a very simple idea – to promote altruism in the world.

Our Story

The idea for Anye was conceived in 2011, during four intense months of spiritual practice at Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India. Deeply inspired by my spiritual teachers and with an aspiration to achieve the same awakened qualities that they possess, I decided I wanted nothing more than to commit my life to continued, dedicated spiritual practice and to being of service to others.

However, things do not always work out the way one expects or even hopes. Instead of remaining in India for the remainder of my days to practice and help others there, I became extremely ill and was forced to return to the West.

And so, Anye was born. Anye began as a very simple idea, to promote altruism in the world. A simple question was asked: How can we use our creative energy to benefit others, specifically disadvantaged communities and marginalized populations that we knew could benefit from help and support?

We at Anye have always appreciated ‘cool’ and unique t-shirts. Sadly, many clothing companies often fall short when it comes to production, not choosing environmentally friendly or sweatshop-free clothing to put their amazing designs on. For this reason, our team decided that we would simply create our own distinct clothing line, clothing that we would be excited to walk around in and that is created in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

This also provided a unique opportunity to promote virtue, both through the designs (i.e., the messages on our shirts) and by donating profits to amazing, volunteer-run partner charities: the Tara Children’s Project and the Pundarika Humanitarian Foundation.

Anye is simply a small act to promote altruism, both in the world and in our own hearts and minds.