About Us

Our goal is to use 100% of our profits to make a direct positive social impact, by supporting children who are HIV positive, sponsoring education programs for young women and girls, and liberating animals.

What is Anye?

Anye (the Sanskrit for “others”) is an innovative social enterprise promoting altruism, compassion, and loving-kindness. The basic premise of Anye is to encourage and promote cherishing others, which is rooted in the belief that this is what leads to genuine human happiness.

What does Anye do?

At present, Anye creates spiritually inspired apparel that incorporates virtuous slogans into our sugary sweet designs. Our approach is based on the concept of imprints – that when someone sees something positive or reads a slogan that encourages virtue, it leaves a positive imprint on the mind, planting seeds of peace and love.

Anye gives back.

Every single Anye shirt purchase sends children from Nepal and India to school, children who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to receive an education. 100% of the profits from t-shirt sales are donated to the Tara Children’s Project, a volunteer-run orphanage for HIV affected children and youth in Bodh Gaya, India or the Pundarika Humanitarian Foundation, an amazing organization that provides pioneering education programs for women and girls from rural Nepal and Tibet.

Anye also conducts monthly animal liberation efforts, purchasing animals that will be killed or that are in danger of being harmed and then releasing them back into the wild, so that these beings can hopefully live their lives out peacefully and naturally.

Our efforts are focused on helping, cherishing, and benefiting others. We promote virtue.